Things To Consider When Replacing Your Gutters

If your old gutter is unable to perform the intended purpose, then it’s time to replace it with a new one before rain hits and fills up your basement. But replacing the gutter isn’t as smooth as it might seem because you have to consider various factors to avoid the same issues you were facing earlier.

Don’t fret; we have listed all such factors to effectively manage gutter replacements in Florida. We’ll also tell you about finding the right Florida gutter contractors to turn this hassle into a success.

Gutter Size

If you have ever noticed the rainwater flowing out of your gutter, it means it is smaller than what you require and needs a replacement. Unless there are severe storms in your area, your gutter shouldn’t overflow. Florida experiences more thunderstorms than any other US state, so your gutter must regularly handle large amounts of water.

The Northwestern coastal regions experience heavy rainfalls and require bigger gutters than other parts of the State. A combination of 6 inches with 3 “×4” downspouts is the most ideal for homes in Florida. Bigger gutters can be used for larger commercial buildings.

The Cost

The next thing to consider in Gutter Repair Florida is the cost you need to bear. You will be paying for linear feet of gutters first, which costs from $3-$9 per linear foot in Florida. Besides that, there are also installation costs, which can range from $4.40 to $7.30 per linear foot for a seamless metal gutter.

Hiring a company for this job can easily cost more than $1,000, depending on the extent of the work. For instance, a 50 ft linear gutter installation in Florida costs you between $220 to $370, while gutters above 200 linear feet can easily surpass $1,000.

When hiring a company, check the price estimators on their website, which can help you understand the costs. It will help you find the right company according to your budget.

DIY or Professional

Choosing DIY or Residential Seamless Gutters Installers depends on your budget, expertise, and more. If you decide to do DIY gutter repair, make sure you know how to remove the old one and properly install the new one. Moreover, depending on the gutter, you might need help from friends or family.

However, hiring Florida gutter contractors is vital because they can save you from various hidden additional costs. On top of that, if you’ve onboarded a professional contractor, the quality of work will easily justify your spending.

Materials, Styles & Colors

Gutters can transform the look of your home. You can create different accents with the colors of your gutter. Following are some of the best materials and their colors available today:

  • Aluminum is available in many colors, but standard white is the most popular.
  • Copper lasts a long time, and copper gutters look shiny initially, looking vintage after some time.
  • Galvanized gutters use a mixture of steel, zinc & aluminum and have a modern metallic look.
  • Half-round or k-type gutters look elegant but cannot bear heavy rains.
  • Fascia Inspection

Fascia is the sheet-metal board that runs under the edge of your roof; your gutter attaches to it. If it is rotting or damaged, it must also be replaced immediately. Here are some signs of fascia damage:

  • The paint is peeling.
  • The board is stained or warped.
  • It is crumbling.

If you don’t want to replace the fascia, you can attach the gutter to the roof using roof straps instead. These straps connect to the inside hangers of the gutters.

Roof Inspection

It is also a great time to inspect roof damage when replacing your gutters. A damaged roof doesn’t only cause leaks inside the home but also makes gutter installation problematic. If roof damage is around the gutter, repair it before replacing it.

Gutter repair provides an excellent opportunity to inspect the roof and do repairs if needed to keep your home dry.


These are some of the most important things to remember when replacing gutters if you’re looking for gutter replacements in Florida. Our experienced team Rain Shield Gutter Corp, is here for your help.

We are specialists in Gutter Replacements in Florida for homes and businesses. We are licensed and insured, offering knowledgeable & affordable Commercial Gutter Maintenance in Florida that is hard to find anywhere else.