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A lot of rain falls on every Florida community, and annual precipitation totals above 50 or 60 inches are the norm. Every property owner needs a reliable gutter system to channel all that moisture away from the structure, protecting the roof and eaves, the foundation and the surrounding landscaping.

The process for obtaining new Rain Shield gutters is simple and straightforward: Call us to arrange a free estimate and let the installation begin.

Rain Shield provides gutters in a variety of materials and formats both for functionality and decorative characteristics, keeping roof design, building method and desired appearance in consideration.

We produce copper, aluminum and painted steel gutters made to the requisite gauge, whether the installation be our standard seamless K format gutters, customized box gutters or simply leader heads with their corresponding components.

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Gutter 6" and 7"

These narrow channels are the main component of a gutter system, collecting rainwater from the roof and carrying it away from the structure; we provide both 6” and 7” widths.

Leaf Guard

These aluminum screens cover the open surface of the gutters, allowing water to enter while preventing leaves and other materials from collecting inside and impeding drainage.

Copper Gutters

Copper offers advantages as a material for gutters both in durability and a finished appearance that is very appealing.

Rain Chain

Rain chains, a decorative alternative to standard downspouts, gently guide rainfall from your gutter to the ground through a series of linked copper funnels, that produce a pleasing sound as they work.

Options include: Wrap fascia with aluminum, cover soffit with vinyl soffit panel or flash gutter, preventing leakage behind gutters.


With Mastic vinyl soffit, you can extend the low maintenance beauty of Ply Gem up under the eaves — which helps avoid repainting and costly repairs in the future. Easy to install, Mastic vinyl soffit is available in a variety of grades, styles and colors. Like all Mastic products, our soffit is backed by a V.I.P. Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Fascia Cover

Aluminum wrapping is used to prevent  wood damage, it gives more durability to the fascia wood. Fascia Aluminum Covers come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. 

Half Round Gutters

These gutters have a symmetrical U-shape that complement older, historic homes. However, the rounded shape can also be a good match for modern homes that are designed to be less angular than the normal ones.


Siding is the protective material attached to the exterior side of a wall of a house or other building. The siding material and style can enhance or detract from the building’s beauty.

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